Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Airlines And Resin? Phones Systems And Moving Factory?

Ever had the pain of moving a phone system and upgrading all comms when you upgrade to a new factory?

The Company. Our client a supplier of resins to the aircraft industry  is undertaking a complete overhaul of its comms, installing the Cat 5 infrastructure for voice and data with  a fibre link running around the factory between cabinets.

Cat5 will be provided throughout the building for the offices and down to the machinery in the factory for future developments.

The offices and factory need wifi throughout, we are adding  access points in the factory and offices to give wife coverage throughout the whole structure.

We are setting up a conference room for presentations and adding all the links for that.

The CCTV is being moved and upgraded to the new comms room that is being built in the factory.

We are working closely with one of our partners as the electrical wiring throughout is being upgraded along with the lighting throughout. LED lighting is now being fitted.which will help to reduce running costs.

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